The base of the filter insert is a filter medium in the form of special filtration papers made of glass sub-micron fibres. 

    This filtration paper is folded into a stable thread, whose optimal number of folds and height of folds corresponds with the operating point of the filter. This also ensures the required filter class and long lifespan of the filter insert. The paper is separated with hot melt beads. 

    Filtration thread is hermetically fixed into the anodized aluminium profile and, along with the endless sealing from foam PUR, guarantees quality sealing of the filter insert in mounting cabinets. This filter design is the base for compliance with high requirements regarding air purity. Filter inserts H14 are normally delivered with a protective grille on the outlet side. 

    Field of use

    • Medicine 
    • Microbiology 
    • Chemical 
    • industry 
    • Pharmaceutical industry 
    • Food-processing industry 
    • Electrical engineering industry 

    Examples of use

    This highly efficient filter insert with high arrestance against all types of aerosols is used as an end filter in multi-level filtration of air-conditioning or ventilation equipment to purify supplied and released air in technologically demanding processes and for purification of air from health-harmful dust, viruses, and bacteria in hospital facilities. 

    Advantages of design

    • High mechanical stability
    • Optimal design of the thread 
    • Steady output airflow velocity 
    • Protective grille on the outlet side 


    • Filter inserts, various sizes. 
    • Installation depth: 69, 78, 90, 117 
    • Frame material: aluminium 
    • Sealing type: aluminium, foamed PUR, flat rubber, U-profile 
    • Sealing position: at the inlet and outlet

    Filter class

    [EN 1822]

    H 14

    Initial pressure drop



    End pressure drop






    Max. operating temperature



    Max. relative humidity



    Frame material



    Filter material


    Glass micro fibre