Compact device EWAMAT

Compact device EWAMAT

    Technological devices are manufactured like compact devices intended for cleaning of waste waters from various industries. 

    Compact device EWAMAT consists of a two-chamber coagulation and flocculation reactor, dispenser of powder reaction product DSM and bend filter device. 

    The entire process of cleaning is controlled by the industrial control system.

    (*) - Performance of the device is dependent on the level of pollution of the waste water.
    (**) - Weight of the device is shown without the filter medium.

    Type of device Performance (*) Width Height Length Weight (**)
    EWAMAT 750 Approx. 500 litres/hr 2,200 mm 2,150 mm 1,950 mm 490 kg
    EWAMAT 1000 Approx. 750 litres/hr 2,500 mm 2,150 mm 2,000 mm 540 kg
    EWAMAT 1200 Approx. 1000 litres/hr 2,800 mm 2,150 mm 2,300 mm 600 kg