Filterzelle-Glass (FZ-G)

Filterzelle-Glass (FZ-G)

    FZ-G filter consists of a paper frame and a medium made of glass fibres, so-called Paintstop. Filtration glass medium has a progressive structure, meaning it thickens towards the outlet side of the filter. The result is a higher holding capacity of dust particles. 

    Moreover, the medium is impregnated with an adhesive substance, increasing accumulation of rough dust particles at very low pressure loss. Glass medium is fixed to the cardboard frame. 

    Field of use 

    • Paint shops
    • Filtration of rough dust particles

    Delivered sizes 

    • 497 x 497 x 45 mm
    • 597 x 597 x 45 mm
    • 497 x 624 x 45 mm
    Filter class [EN 779]G2-G3
    Installation depth [mm]47
    Initial pressure drop [Pa]60
    Final pressure drop [Pa]130
    Arrestance A [%]75-80
    Arrestance E [%]-
    Max. operating temperature [°C]45