Cover for spray gun/TYVEK

Cover for spray gun/TYVEK

    • Size: 25 x 14 cm
    • Packing: 1 pc.

    The company EWAC delivers protective covers for robots and these covers are ranked the most modern in Europe. The high density, elastic structure and special composition of the material are a guarantee of perfect protection of spraying robots. Protective covers are antistatic and do not contain silicones. Special covers are intended for various types of robots in robotized painting lines. The most frequent use of these covers is, especially in the automotive industry. 

    Covers for robots significantly influence overall cleanliness in the paint shop area and highly reduce scrap rate. 

    Advantages of covers: 

    • Highly elastic structure of the material
    • Antistatic silicone-free material
    • High protection ability of material on spraying robots
    • No dust or other impurities lay on covers
    • Fast exchange of dirty covers
    • Savings of operating costs and increase of lifespan of robots
    • Reduction of scrap rate in production
    • Dimensions: various diameter and length

    These properties speak in their favour compared to other types of covers used in our market. 

    Types of covers: 

    • 100% PES + Elastane treated with an antistatic agent
    • 135 g/m2

    Elastic cover – we offer in various size and length.