Manual press EWAPRES is a device designed for additional sludge dewatering. It is suitable for coagulated sludge from paint shops after gravity dewatering and for sludge with a similar structure. The drive of the press is manual.

    It is designed for EWAC sludge drainage containers, type EB 1000 and for Eisenmann containers. The filtrate from the press container drains by gravity or can be pumped out by a small air-driven diaphragm pump.

    With this press, the percentage of dry matter in the dewatered sludge is significantly increased. This significantly reduces the cost of sludge disposal.

    (*) - Performance of the device is dependent on the level of pollution of the waste water.

    (**) - Weight of the device is shown without the filter medium.

    Type of device  Performance of device (*) Width Height Depth Material Weight (**)
    EWAPRES 1000 800 litres/1 cycle 1330 mm 2455 mm 1400 mm painted steel  285 kg