Sedimentation device EWACLEAN 200 with washing table

Sedimentation device EWACLEAN 200 with washing table

    This set of equipment is intended for the washing of spray guns and parts contaminated with water-diluted paints. 

    After the washing of parts on the washing desk, the contaminated water is recharged by using a submersible pump, located in the washing desk, into the sedimentation device EWACLEAN 200, where the cleaning process is carried out using powdery reaction products. 

    After the process of sludge filtration in the draining containers, water can be released into the sewerage system or it can be reused in the washing process. 

    Device performance: 200 - 400 litres/1 hour.

    (*) - Performance of the device is dependent on the level of pollution of the waste water

    (**) - Weight of the device is shown without the medium.

    Type of device Performance (*) Volume Width Height Length Weight (**)
    EWACLEAN 100 0.1-0.2 m3/hr 100 litres 516 mm 1,960 mm 770 mm 100 kg
    EWACLEAN 200 0.2-0.4 m3/hr 200 litres 990 mm 1,966 mm 770 mm 200 kg